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Turn your bathroom into a spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa

August 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s possible to transform your home bathroom into a relaxing spa, where you can leave stressful days behind if, as well as being imaginative, you consider the following tips and suggestions.

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How to turn your bathroom into a spa


A key element for increasing the feeling of warmth in a bathroom is adding plants. The most suitable ones are succulents and purple-coloured mini orchids.

Neutral colours

Choose neutral colours to decorate and paint the bathroom. Earthy tones also create a feeling of relaxation. Brown or beige shades give a more personal touch, while pale blues enhance the calm ambience.

Glass jars

You can give the bathroom a minimalist, uncluttered look by placing beauty and personal hygiene products and accessories in unlabelled glass jars. Products such as oils, cotton buds, sponges or relaxing salts become effective decorative resources

Beton texture

Bathroom mirrors

Illuminated bathroom mirrors with an adjustable intensity allow you to dim the overhead light while you are in the shower, which helps to create a relaxing ambience.

Large shower head

Installing a large shower head is an excellent way to help you achieve complete relaxation: every time you shower, you’ll feel like you’re under a waterfall. You can also put a stool in the shower itself, to sit as the waterfalls.

Relax zone

A comfortable chair for doing your make-up can also be an appealing piece of furniture to enjoy a pleasant moment. If you benefit from a large bathroom, a couch with various cushions can create an attractive relaxation area.

Choice of furniture

Lastly, units to keep the space tidy should be fitted high up on the wall. You should avoid placing wicker baskets on the floor to make cleaning easier. The best option is to use a tall cabinet to make the most of the available space. A very appealing choice is a unit with mirrored doors, to give the bathroom a sense of more space. A wooden unit or one in an industrial grey shade can transport you to a sensual Thai spa, thousands of miles away