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Three ways to combine the colour black in your bathroom

Three ways to combine the colour black in your bathroom

August 2023 | Uncategorized

Black is always a very risky choice for combining with other colours in a bathroom. However, there are some very interesting options. White, beige and white marble are three excellent shades for complementing the colour black.

Adding black to a bathroom always raises many doubts because of how difficult it can be to incorporate a dark shade into that particular room in the house. Achieving an attractive contrast of colours and materials is the best way to do it. Here are three examples:

Black with white marble in the bathroom


The colour black acquires an elegant personality in the bathroom when combined with white marble. The combination of both shades is always very attractive and creates a contemporary and sophisticated style. This type of classic cladding, revitalised in recent years thanks to the advent of imitation ceramic tiles, is a safe bet for bathrooms, particularly in hotels.

You can incorporate white marble with small touches, by adding a detail to the tile for example, or be bold and use entire tiles made of this material. While marble has an unparalleled finish, you can also use imitations with marble patterns or even textile pieces with a marble effect.

A very popular marble shade is white with grey or black veins, as this can be easily combined with contemporary furniture. The green marbles, or those in beige or pink tones, are more difficult to combine with white.

Black and white

black and white freestanding bathtub in New York

The colour white is very common in the bathroom and is generally combined with neutral tones, such as beige or grey, or with bright colours, such as green or blue. However, white is also very good for providing a strong contrast to black lines. This makes the geometric shapes of the bathroom furniture seem more striking. Checkerboard flooring is a classic decorative feature, for example. If you want to make an impact, you should not be afraid to create contrast using geometric lines and colours.

The combination of black and white looks incredible on any type of furniture or style, whether it be modern, minimalist or vintage. When decorating bathrooms you need to take into account the size. If it is very small, you should choose white as a base colour and black for the tiles or for the furniture, or use it on just a single area of the wall, to avoid making the room look smaller. On the other hand, if the bathroom is big you can give black pride of place on the walls, in a greater proportion. If the bathroom is poorly lit, the colour white should be more dominant, to avoid making the room appear even darker. In that case, black can be added if there is enough artificial light.

Black and beige


Delicate in appearance, beige has the power to provide serenity and calm when combined with black tones. If you add beige instead of white, you will see immediately how the bathroom will take on a calmer appearance. Black and beige are a very effective decorative pairing as they provide a delicate and aesthetically pleasing appearance, without the risk of being too overpowering.

When combining black and beige, a third colour should be used as an intermediary to make the contrast between the two shades softer. There are several colours within the beige range, some that are more yellowish and others that gravitate more towards earthy and brown shades. When it comes to combining beige with black, shades that gravitate towards earth colours work best.

In short, if you take a risk with the colour black for your bathroom, don’t forget to create a contrast between the walls and floor. For example, if the wall tiles are black, you can opt for a white floor. Don’t forget that the key is always to make your bathroom look hygienic, spacious, attractive and bright.