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Rethink your shower tray concept with Acquabella’s Largo shower base. This model presents the drain on its longest side, breaking with the classic design of shower trays. The originality of the design is not at odds with the sobriety and elegance that characterizes Acquabella’s bathroom products. Its gentle slopes make it a subtle element that attracts attention with its simplicity.

The Largo shower tray is available in the textures Slate, which faithfully imitates natural stone, and Beton, with a cement look. Acquabella’s bathroom textures have an incomparable definition and a warm touch that elevates the shower experience to a moment of total well-being.

Largo shower tray Slate Beton Acquabella



CSA B45.5 IAPMO Z124


36x36 in | 36x66 in | 60x30 in | 60x32 in | 60x36 in


1 1/8 in


Akron is a compound of polyurethane and mineral fillers, which is compacted in mass to achieve a solid finish. This polyurethane matrix is achieved with polyether polyols that guarantee magnificent properties of resistance to hydrolysis.

The surface is treated with a polyurethane-acrylic coating that guarantees total physical-chemical integration with the substrate. This coating provides excellent physical and chemical properties and resistance to UV radiation. It does not produce emissions of volatile organic compounds.



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